The Elder Races

These are the first races of Aeomir.


The eldest of all the humanoid races. The Dragonborn were created by The Chaos Dragons when the world was first created. Back then they were the sole rulers of world and their empire knew no bounds. They shaped the land, dragged riches from the earth and dwelled in vast cyclopean cities serving their creators and revering them as gods.
The Age of Dragons has passed though. The Dragon Wars whose causes are shrouded by the veils of time resulted in the extinction of The Chaos Dragons. Their progeny, the dragons of today and the various other draconic races including the Dragonborn were greatly diminished in number and power.
Today they are few and scattered. Most live in clans.


Elves are a people intimately connected with nature. They were called the people of the land by the dragons. They
Elves are also known as the people of the wood.


It is said that Kromar god of forge hewed the first dwarfs out of sacred stone Life-Stone pulled from the depths of the earth. He then used his mighty bellows, Bluster, to stoke the fires of life into them and his hammer, Clang, to mold and temper their substance.
Kromar originally created them to assist him at his forge, however the fires he kindled in them burned too hot. They were a willful and obstinate creation and he could not bend them to his will. In a fit he cast them back into the black depths of the earth .
It was there that they were found by Kussa goddess of stone. Kussa saw the turmoil in them and taught them the patience of stone and the clarity of crystal. She soothed the fires with the gifts of law and honor and bequeathed to them the realms under the soil.
Thus the Children of Stone and Hammer, as the dragons called them, are a conflicted people. They are an ancient people bound by many laws and customs. They believe above all else in the value of personal honor. At the same time they and driven by great passions. They are prone to insufferable flights of greed. They brawl and are rowdy. They brew, indulge and over-indulge in ale and other liqueurs whenever the opportunity arises.
Dwarf nations are organized around holds. Holds are large cities which serve as a hub for the entire nation. Though the nature of dwarf leadership varies from hold to hold, some have a king others an oligarchy others still a republic, the seat of power always lies in the hold. Serving the hold are Bastions and Delves, smaller settlements usually near some key resource or otherwise strategic location.

The Young Races

No one is quiet sure where the two so called “young races” came from, though there are many tales. The one thing that is clear is they are not from Aeomir. Some say that they were created by a made elvish mage. Some that they found they found their way into this world through the same rents that The Deathtide slips through. Others speak of visitors from other worlds who brought them as pets and servants.


A famed elvish scholar once called Halflings “The most delightful and devious people I have ever had the happy misfortune of dealing with”.



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