Southern Province Overview

Main Points

  • Dwarven Slavers
    The southern province lies dangerously close to the dwarf hold of Ranock. While many of the other holds abandoned human slavery after the concord was struck that allowed the creation of The Kingdom of Man, Ranock persisted. The Ranock are notoriously cruel and harsh and their deep iron mines are always hungry for new slaves.
    Raiding parties are a constant threat along the less protected portions of the province. Entire trading caravans have gone missing and though the army will manage to repel some there always seems to be more. They have grown more bold of late.
  • Unrest Stirs
    Many in the kingdom are unsatisfied with the current ruler. The recent defeat of General Tyduk and an influx of dispossessed refuges from the eastern provinces has given strength to rebellious factions such as The Alliance Of Free Men.
  • On The Frontier
    Though the area around the two main cities in the region are relatively safe and the old road is well patrolled this is the frontier. Large swathes of untouched an untamed wilderness lie right outside of the flickering torchlight of most settlements. Beasts roam the hills and forest and horrors lurk in the ancient ruins that dot the countryside.
    Settlements beyond the few main cities and towns are often little more then a couple scrapped together houses and a handful of tents. Many settlements disappear with little trace.

Points of Interest


Majestic Capitol of the southern provinces sits atop a large dam with cascading falls.

Tira Bellanor: The Abandoned City

During the time of the second Deathtide the high elves of the region built a capital of towering, gleaming, sky-blue spires called Tira Belanor. It fell during the catastrophe of the second Deathtide and all but a handful of the tribe that once inhabited it were slain by monsters and dark and foul sorcery. Even when the Deathtide receded a miasma of darkness and evil lingered over the city. The now crumbling spires loom against the sky and seem to watch those who travel close with tangible menace and dark and loathsome specters can be seen gliding through the streets and overgrown gardens and parks. Still darker things undoubtedly hide in the ruins. Several expeditions both by elves and by the Shadowhunters have been made to asses and reclaim the city and none has survived.


A small mining hold of the Ranock dwarves. It is also home to a notorious prison: Blackwell.

Deep Home

Ranock Capitol. Lies deep under the tallest peak.

The Scar

A deep rift torn in

Kelidan’s Bastion and The Southern Wall

Along the southern edge of the province stretches the crumbling ruins of once massive wall. While much of the wall has fallen or become unusable The First Legion maintains many of the remaining portions, particularly near the lone keep that stands along it.

The Old Road

A wide road of massive granite blocks dating back to The Age of Dragons



  • There have been reports of strange dark robed wizards who use a shadowy form of magic.

Southern Province Overview

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