Tora'ka Naw'noa Overview

Main Points

  • A city of bright metal
    To view the city as the hot jungle sun reaches it’s lazy ascent is to view a eyeball-searing conflagration of white and gold. The city from it’s towering tapered spires to the very streets is almost wholly fashioned from a brassy-gold metal; A metal which which no metallurgist has identified and no smith has been able to work. What’s more, with some exceptions, the city seems to be made out of a continuous piece of the stuff.
    The people of the city have adapted to these strange accommodations. Spectacles with lenses fashioned of smokey crystal can be worn between sun up and sun down to allow the wearer to comfortably navigate about the city.
  • A city of adventure
    Much of the city lies unexplored its buildings and vaults locked behind arcane mechanisms, deadly traps and fearsome guardians. The adventurers who have managed their way past these obstacles have come back rich with treasures, from fantastic and enigmatic magical baubles to equally valuable sources of knowledge.
  • A city of intrigue
  • A city of ruins
  • City of savage creatures

Points of Interest

The Living Quarter

It is in the south-west quadrant of the city, the one most easily accessed by road, that civilization has taken it’s fragile hold.

Tora'ka Naw'noa Overview

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