The First Legion

The First Legion

The last Deathtide incursion would have destroyed the world were it not for the unlikely intervention of the, then rebel leader, Osric and his small army of forces. This tight and regimented band of guerrilla soldiers manged to do what none of the elder races could; push past the encroaching hoard and seal the largest rift.
After the danger had passed and the elder races lead by the Dragonborn rallied to free humankind many of the surviving members of that elite unit came to form the military order at the heart of mankinds defenses: The First Legion

The First Legion in The Southern Province

The status of The Southern Province as a flash point with the neighboring dwarvish hold of Ranock has meant that The Legion has always had a strong presence here. Their main objective has been to deter an eliminate any dwarvish raiding parties that cross the provinces border but they also act to protect the people from other threats.
The Legion has always been seen as heroes by the people of the province; but that is changing. The war in the east saw much of the forces strength diverted and then destroyed. The Legion no longer has the man power to protect the entirety of the region as it once did. Patrols have become smaller and less frequent and more and more travelers have gone missing. Many whisper that The Legion is now only dedicated to protecting the purses of rich merchants and nobles and they don’t bother protecting common citizens. Others have become greatly upset with the Legion’s cease-fire with the Ranock; They see a land being picked apart slowly by raiding parties and an army afraid to go on the offensive.


The first legions main holding and base of operation in the southern province is. This ancient bastion holds most of the legions forces which aren’t patrolling the southern borders or otherwise engaged in Legion operations.

Notable Person’s

Current known activities.

Ranks and Renown

3corporal 10

The First Legion

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