The Gods of Aeomir

Known Gods

The Dragon pantheon

Bahamut: Golden Dragon God

Alignment: Lawful-Good
Domains: Life, War
Patron of Paladins and the Dragonborn, Bahamut is a champion of chivalry and sacrifice. It is said that Bahamut was once a great wyrm in the time of The Dragon Wars and that through heroic sacrifice he ascended to god-hood.

The Dwarven Pantheon

Kromar The Forge Master

Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Tempest
Kromar is the forge master; the progenitor of all craft and artifice in the world. He teaches how knowledge can be used to bend nature to the will. Druids tend to hate him.
He is a god of passions. The fire of the first forge is his heart and it burns bright and hot. For the most part he looks favorably on his children and upon civilization but he is prone to fits of anger and passion. His tempers have been known to shake the earth and cause the fires of the earth to well up.
He is also known as The Dwarf Father. In dwarf myths he was responsible for the first part of the creation of the dwarf race. As such he is universally revered in every dwarf-hold.
His symbol is a bellow crossed over a hammer. These are his two sacred instruments Bluster and Clang.

Kussa The Stone Mother

Alignment: Lawful-Neutral
Domains: Life, Nature

Kussa is the god of stability and balance. She is the unchanging bedrock of all existence and mother to all dwarfs.

She is in a never ending conflict with here counterpart Kromar and that conflict is mirrored in the heart of every dwarf. The desire to shape and mold is tempered with the need for caution and pragmatism.

The Elven Pantheon

Solus The Sun Shephard

Domains: Light

Tain-Seider The Mercurial Trickster

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Trickery, Light

Other Gods

Wendigo: The Black Wind

Alignment: Chaotic-Evil
Domains: Death, Madness
Gibbering cultists who feast on human flesh, noble beasts of burden who turn on their masters, fathers who mercilessly slay their children, all have heard the whisper of The Black Wind. The Black Wind is a spirit of incomprehensible madness and spite that slips in like a dark wind into the weak of mind.
Wendigo is a god who is recognized in all pantheons. Dwarves, elves and dragons know of it and revile it. This is perhaps due to the fact that of all the gods it is one of the few who acts directly and frequently upon the world.

The Gods of Aeomir

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